Black Mental Health Consultations

African American Therapist Services

For those seeking an African American therapist, BMHC is here to provide the most comfortable solution. Our black therapists and black counselors are here to help you attain mental wellness. We offer the following services:

Telephone and Webcam Therapy and Consultation
There are many reasons you may wish telephone or webcam therapy. Some include:

  • Therapy comes to you – if you live in a remote area, have a chronic illness, home bound, back pain or depression that keeps you in bed, you may find the phone or webcam makes accessing treatment more feasible for you. Treatment fits within your schedule, eliminates drive time, and still provides a genuine empathic connection.
  • Anonymity – some people prefer the comfort and privacy of their own homes as opposed to a psychotherapy office or meeting face to face.
  • Privacy - frank and intimate conversations in the place of your choice is private and familiar to you; in your own home, in your car, or your special place that helps you feel safe and comfortable. While you may hesitate to bring your pet to an office setting, having your cat or dog on your lap at home is comforting and easy.

Telephone consultation is a professional psychotherapeutic service. Under no circumstances will we participate in any sexual interaction. Should such a situation arise, the appointment will be immediately terminated, and no refunds will be given.

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  • $45 per half hour
  • $90 per hour
  • Telephone and Webcam therapy are offered at the same rates

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