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Black Mental Health Consultations (BMHC) offers the best in culturally responsive, truly accessible mental health support for individuals of all persuasions from African American and other social identities.
If you're looking for a Black therapist, you've come to the right place. Through this website, clients may learn about the services offered, schedule phone or internet webcam therapy sessions, and enjoy the professional services of a seasoned licensed provider, without stepping foot outside their homes. Every individual service plan addresses the unique needs of the client. Therapeutic services and consultations from a licensed professional psycho-therapist are confidential and guided by evidence-based principles of effective care. Whether convenience, a desire for relative anonymity, or simple preference draws you to telephone or webcam therapy, BMHC has the power to bring help directly to you.
Therapy in the age of technology delivers genuine, empathic healing connection, much like traditional office visits. While web-based therapy is not for everyone, BMHC offers expert care for depression, relationship issues, and empowering support for the decision-making process. Through this website you can make contact with a highly trained professional from the place of your choosing. Brief solution-focused or ongoing therapeutic support will address clearly defined goals with explicitly named outcome measures.

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Logistical and scheduling convenience at BMHC combine with an insightful affirmation of Black experiences to get you the kind of support you seek. Due to local shortages of Black counselors and mental health professionals, clients have reported their efforts to receive care from well-meaning but under-informed individuals can yield frustrating communication gaps and cultural barriers. As an African American therapist, the provider has many years experience working with avenues of healing for addictions, depression, PTSD, multi-cultural exchange, gender dysphoria, and post-traumatic slave disorder. Mindful and grounded guidance and support is offered in a highly client-centered way.